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2 years ago

Bug Fixes

ESP-IDF Issues We fixed a few issues related to the latest version of the framework. The attributes for the cs_pin on Trinamic drivers were not working. There are likely a few other issues. We will fix them as they are identified.

10V spindle The initial state was not set which means it assumed it had to wait for a spin down when the state was set to disabled at turn on. If you had a long delay, this was pretty annoying.

Homing Fixed problems with asymmetric pulloff not working, removes the requirement that motor1 have the larger pulloff, and stops running homing cycles if one fails. Homing pulloff from an initially active switch is now handled better.


TMC2209 now disables the power down pin feature. This is not needed because we have separate run and hold currents. Since the power down pin is the same as the UART, it is recommended to turn off that feature in UART mode.

Homing You can now send a parameter with $H like $H=XY to home X and Y is a single cycle. You can also send cycle numbers from your config like $H=1 to home all axes in cycle 1. You can send $H=12 to do cycle 1 and then cycle 2. The versions without parameters, such as $H, $HX, etc., still work.

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