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Ctrl+Q is an alternative for Ctrl+] to exit from fluidterm. This helps with keyboards that don't have a ] key

Ctrl+O allows you to send special characters for things like feed/speed overrides and macros. Send Ctrl+O then the 2 key sequence like "fr" for feed override override reset. Ctrl-O xx shows the list of overrides.

PlatformIO and ESP Framework version updates

is now compatible with PlatformIO ver 6

FluidNC is now compatible with ESP32 Framework 4.2.0 (woot!). This will enable a future switch from SPIFFS to LittleFS as the local FLASH filesystem - LittleFS has numerous improvements over SPIFFS. It will also enable future support for newer ESP32 variants.


Improvements to the way limits are handled

Fixed a WebUI bug where you could not put an equal sign in settings

Fixed WebUI Tablet layout problems on small screens like older iPhones.

Fixed a problem with CoreXY feed rates.

Fixed a bug where $MI motors init was causing problems with SPI daisy chained motors and RMT channels.

Solenoid axes with high frequencies were not working correctly.

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