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2 years ago

New FluidNC Release 3.4.4**

New Features

  • New $Motor/Init (or $MI) command. This is used to reinitialize motors. It is primarily for SPI and UART types. If you forget to have power on at startup or change a setting like run current. You can send $MI to reinitialize the motors.
  • New HBridge Spindle. This spindle type has separate CW and CCW PWM pins. It is intended to directly control an H Bridge circuit. (details coming to wiki soon)
  • ELF files are now generated with each release. If you have a crash. The backtrace information along with the ELF file can tell you the exact line where the crash occurred. (details coming to wiki soon)
  • Default homing sections. If your config file does not have homing sections, default ones will be created.


  • The solenoid motor type now ignores the idle_ms setting. It will not deactivate with the motors.
  • BESC. The acceptable frequency range has been expanded.

Bug Fixes

  • The card_detect: pin was defined as an output.

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