github bdring/FluidNC v3.4.0

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2 years ago


  • Rotary axis units These will no longer scale if you chose to use inches. They are typically angular units that do not scale between unit systems.

  • Jogging Jogging will no longer trigger soft limit alarms. It will constrain the motion so it stops before going outside the range. This allows for better continuous jogging. This makes it easy to jog to the extremes of travel and possibly nudge a limit switch. This could cause a hard limit alarm. To mitigate this, we now remove the switch pulloff from the range of travel. You will be protected on that end. You may want to relook at max_travel after this upgrade. Note: This will affect existing machines. If you are upgrading, you should validate your travel and reset any offsets (G54-G59, G28 & G30).

  • Install Script Improvements

    • Now there are only 2 sets of scripts. Windows and all others via python
    • Fluidterm Windows behaves the same as Fluidterm python
    • eFuse check improvements to prevent false warnings.
  • Startup Messages They are now saved and you can get them at any time with $Startup/Show or $SS

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