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pre-release21 months ago

This is a test release for the newly-revised parking code, which is now configurable via the YAML file. Parking is a feature that works in conjunction with the safety door switch. If the safety door is opened and parking is enabled, the spindle will pull out in the +Z direction by "pullout_distance_mm" at rate "pullout_rate_mm_per_min" before stopping the spindle, then will move to the Z position "target_mpos_mm" in machine coordinates at rate "rate_mm_per_min". Normally that movement is in the Z axis, but the axis can be changed by "axis". Here is an example parking config section:

  enable: true
  axis: Z
  target_mpos_mm: -5.000
  pullout_distance_mm: 5.000
  rate_mm_per_min: 800.000
  pullout_rate_mm_per_min: 250.000

The machine needs to be homed, otherwise the "target_mpos_mm" position is ambiguous.

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