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4 years ago
Changes since 2.48:
     * Repository transplanted from SVN to Git and moved to GitHub
     * Add a new preference, 'atomic', for specifying directories that
       should be treated atomically: if there are changes within such a
       directory in both replicase, the whole directory is marked as a
       conflict instead of propagating any of the changes. Thanks to
       Julian Squires for submitting this patch!
     * OSX / macOS
          + Ported to 10.13, High Sierra, and Apple's new APFS (earlier
            versions of Unison break because of new behavior of
            AppleDouble files)
          + Replaced Growl with OS X native notification center.
     * Miscellaneous:
          + The OCaml compiler version is now included in the "connection
            header -- the string that's printed when connecting to a
            remote server -- to facilitate debugging version mismatch
          + Compatible with OCaml 4.06.
          + Added a DockerFile for the convenience of Docker users.
          + Many small bugfixes and UI improvements.

SHA256 checksums:
- 0738a6978fa29bb2af409322069cc20df293b770877942ac4b8774f06e774aa5

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