github bbernhard/signal-cli-rest-api 0.82-pre2
Version 0.82-pre

latest releases: 0.83, 0.82
pre-release26 days ago
  • updated signal-cli to v0.13.2
  • add recipient parameter to /v2/send endpoint (#428)
  • pass JAVA_OPTS environment variable through to signal-cli in json-rpc mode - thanks to @kleptog
  • in case one runs into rate limiting issues in json-rpc mode, the request now fails with a HTTP status code 429 and returns the challenge_tokens, which are needed to lift the rate limiting restrictions again
  • added new API endpoints to list and add sticker packs
  • extended /v2/send endpoint with the possibility to edit messages
  • added new endpoints to set usernames + change the account settings

This is a pre-release. If you want to give it a try, use the following docker image tag: bbernhard/signal-cli-rest-api:0.154-dev

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