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v1.0 (🚀 Enterprise Ready)

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4 years ago

Here's another handcrafted Bazelisk release for you, including a few new features and a little bug fix.

Remember: If Bazelisk doesn't yet do what you need it to do, please file an issue or send a PR. 😊

👷 What's new 👷‍♀

  • 💖 From now on, we will use semantic versioning, so in case we change environment variable names or how we parse their values in a backwards incompatible way, we'll bump the major version to signal this.
  • 🍴 @borkaehw contributed support for using a Bazel fork instead of Bazel's official releases. If you forked Bazel and create your own releases for it on GitHub, just prefix the version with your username / organization name and it'll magically work (e.g. USE_BAZEL_VERSION=philwo/latest).
  • @keith contributed support for the BAZELISK_CLEAN environment flag. If you specify it, Bazelisk will clean run bazel clean --expunge between builds when using --migrate._
  • ♻️ @meteorcloudy contributed support for the BAZELISK_SHUTDOWN environment flag. If you specify it, Bazelisk will shutdown Bazel via bazel shutdown between builds when using --migrate. This can help with issues like bazelbuild/bazel#9104.
  • 💣 @borkaehw fixed a bug where Bazelisk would crash when your .bazelversion file was empty.

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