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5 years ago

Here's another exciting Bazelisk release with a fresh set of features for you :)

  • Bazelisk now supports the last_rc value for USE_BAZEL_VERSION. This will automatically use the latest available Bazel release candidate if one is available, otherwise it will use the latest stable release. We recommend to use this if you're a Bazel developer so that the release candidates get some real world testing outside of CI, too! (Thanks @fweikert!)
  • When asking the GitHub API for available Bazel versions, Bazelisk can now use a GitHub API token so that you don't run into rate-limiting. Simply set the BAZELISK_GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable to a valid GitHub token. (Thanks @keith!)
  • Bazelisk now prepends its own version information when you run bazel version. This makes it easier to find out whether you're using Bazelisk and which version of it. (Thanks @zegl!)
  • You can now disable the behavior that Bazelisk tries to delegate execution to a <workspace>/tools/bazel script, by setting the BAZELISK_SKIP_WRAPPER environment variable to any value except the empty string. See #61 for an example where this is useful.
  • Bazelisk now correctly joins paths on Windows, which should prevent some errors on that platform. (Thanks @excitoon!)

Hope you like it and let us know if there's any issue or feature request we should work on for the next version!

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