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swiftDialog 2.2

latest release: v2.2.1
14 days ago

What's New

  • Select lists (aka drop down lists) can now be tagged as required via a property on --selecttitle #240

    • --selecttitle "This one is required",required --selecttitle "This one is not"
  • New option --checkboxstyle option, arguments are checkbox or switch. Sets the checkbox style to use switch style or checkbox style

    • switch style has additional options, large, regular, small, mini.
    • switch style also allows for display of icons
    • All options are available via command line arguments or json
    • --checkboxstyle "<style>"
  • Select lists can now be displayed as radio buttons using the radio modifier on --selecttitle

    • e.g. --selecttitle "Test list",radio --selectvalues "Item One, Item Two, Item Three"
  • Select lists can have dividers within the list by adding --- as a value wherever one is required

  • Labels on input fields such as textfields, select lists and checkboxes are no longer bold. All user input areas have a subtle background

More New Stuff

  • New helpmessage command to update help message text from the command file #248
    • echo "helpmessage: Updated message to be displayed in the help sheet" >> /var/tmp/dialog.log
  • New activate command to bring swiftDialog to the front #221
    • echo "activate:" >> /var/tmp/dialog.log
  • New option --iconalpha can set an alpha value for --icon. Values are from 0.0 (transparent) to 1.0 (opaque)
    • --iconalpha 0.5
    • echo "iconalpha: 0.5" >> /var/tmp/dialog.log
  • Progress bar can be shown while displaying a video or image or pretty much any time

Other Changes

  • Label and input font size will change proportionally with --messagefont
  • Simplified overlay icon view. It now uses the same view as icon with the only addition of the background layer for SF symbols
  • Fixed an issue when resetting required field alert state
  • Fixed an issue where multiple required fields were not represented in the error sheet
  • Added some additional logic to notification authorisation detection to print more useful authorisation state
  • Updated - Added ability to specify multiple files for on textfields #260
  • Updated log function (more logging will be added over time)
  • Cleaned up a bunch of old commented out code and other boring code stuff
  • Fixed - fallback error image for banners #239 #217
  • Fixed - --quitkey not functioning in --mini mode is fixed #253
  • Updated --help. With no arguments help lists all options and a brief note. --help <option> will give detailed information on that option
    • --help checkboxstyle
  • Updated - --messageposition now works for top centre and bottom to position the message elements vertically.
  • Updated - --blurscreen blurs all spaces as well as all screens on multi monitor setups
  • Updated - Main dialog window is movable (when enabled) by clicking anywhere on the window instead of clicking the non-visible title bar

The pkg for this release is now distribution style ( #250 ) so can be deployed as a pre-stage package without modification. This makes it easier to deploy and run at the setup assistant - how to do that reliably at the time you want it to run is an exercise left to the reader

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