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GanttProject 2.8.5

Release Highlights

GanttProject 2.8.5 comes with a new feature: task sorting by begin and end dates.

One can sort by begin date by clicking the Begin date column header in the table. The second click will reverse the ordering. Clicking on End date will sort by end date.

The sort order is partial. Sibling tasks are sorted, while tasks from different branches of the task tree (e.g. sitting under different summary tasks) are not necessarily sorted. The order is indicated with an arrow in the column header showing upwards or downwards.

Sorting is not maintained continuously. Any actions on the tasks: insertion of the new task, reordering, indenting and outdenting may break the sort order. One needs to click in the column header again to restore the ordering.

This feature was contributed by external freelancer and was funded by donations from GanttProject users.


The list of closed tickets is available on release milestone page

Installation notes and system requirements

GanttProject 2.8.5 requires Java Runtime version 7 or higher. We recommend using the latest Java Runtime from Oracle.


Provided that Java Runtime is installed, it is enough to run the installer executable and complete the wizard steps to install GanttProject.

Viruses in the installer
Some anti-virus programs may report viruses in the installer. This is a known issue which happens to installers very often. It doesn't mean that the file is infected, it rather means that antivirus engine have seen malware packed using similar installer.

File ganttproject-2.8.5-r2179.exe was checked by VirusTotal and at the moment of checking no engines reported positive result.

If your engine reports positive result, this is most likely a false positive, provided that the file which you downloaded is the original one. You can check if you downloaded the original file by checking its MD5 checksum. The original checksum of ganttproject-2.8.5-r2179.exe is ba60eb096d69c2d4fb7abe83c50de355 (case insensitive).

If you can't or don't want to run program which your antivirus engine considers as infected, we recommend using ZIP distribution. It involves no native code (except for Java machine) and doesn't require Administrator priveleges.


Provided that Java Runtime is installed, it is enough to drag GanttProject application into Applications.

Ubuntu/Mint/ other Debian-based Linux distros

Install deb package using your system software/package management tools.

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