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GanttProject 2.8.11

Release Highlights

GanttProject 2.8.11 is a maintenance and localization update. It comes with updated holiday calendars for the top 20 countries where our users come from, a number of bugfixes and updated Italian, Korean, Turkish and Simplified Chinese translations.

Update: the actual build number is 2396. Build 2393 which was published on April 22 had a couple of severe issues.

Installation notes and system requirements

GanttProject runs on any modern hardware and operating system which is capable of running Java Runtime.

GanttProject 2.8.11 requires Java Runtime version 7 or higher. Currently there is a number of Java Runtime vendors and versions. GanttProject works with any OpenJDK compatible Java Runtime, however, due to packaging and other reasons, it may not work out of the box with some combinations of operating system, Java Runtime vendor and version. In the sections below for each supported platform you can find combinations which were smoke-tested.

Smoke test includes installation of Java Runtime and GanttProject on "clean" system and launching GanttProject using standard user interface for each platform. We use Java 8 and Java 11 which are LTS (Long-Term Support) versions, legacy Java 7 and the latest Java 14 Runtime.


File: ganttproject-2.8.11-r2396.exe MD5 sum: c8238c29db34681a65c38d749598c2a7

GanttProject for Windows is shipped as an executable installer with no bundled Java Runtime. You need to download and install Java separately.

GanttProject has been tested on the following configurations:

  • Windows 8 with Oracle Java Runtime version 7
  • Windows 8 with AdoptOpenJDK Java Runtime versions 8 and 11
  • Windows 8 with Amazon Corretto Java Runtime versions 8 and 11
  • Windows 10 with AdoptOpenJDK Java Runtime versions 8, 11 and 14
  • Windows 10 with Amazon Corretto Java Runtime versions 8 and 11

Important: when installing AdoptOpenJDK Java Runtime, make sure to select option "JavaSoft (Oracle) registry keys" (see the screenshot below).

Select registry keys option when installing AdoptOpenJDK Java Runtime on Windows

Provided that Java Runtime is properly installed, run the installer and complete the wizard steps to install GanttProject.

Reports from anti-virus software

Some anti-virus programs may report viruses in the installer. This is a known issue which happens to installers very often. It doesn't mean that the file is infected, it rather means that antivirus engine have seen malware packed using similar installer.

The installer was checked by VirusTotal and at the moment of writing this 1 engine out of 59 reported positive results (which is good).

If your anti-virus software reports positive result, this is most likely a false positive, provided that the file which you downloaded is the original one. You can check if you downloaded the original file by checking its MD5 checksum.

If you can't or don't want to run program which your antivirus engine considers as infected, we recommend using ZIP distribution. This distribution includes no native code and doesn't require Administrator privileges. It requires Java Runtime to be installed.


File: ganttproject-2.8.11-r2396.dmg MD5 sum: a7bbf11705f8cbba7e8bca902c7eddae

Distribution for macOS comes with bundled LibericaFX 11.0.7 Java Runtime. GanttProject application is properly signed and notarized. Just double click it to launch. Optionally, you may drag GanttProject into Applications.

This was smoke-tested with the following macOS versions:

  • macOS Catalina 10.15.4
  • macOS Mojave 10.14.6
  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Ubuntu/Mint/ other Debian-based Linux distros

File: ganttproject_2.8.11-r2396-1_all.deb MD5 sum: a7b7c90c4e96b8995dd55fb314f103e1

GanttProject for Linux is packaged as deb package and includes no Java Runtime. It requires one of the known Java Runtime packages to be installed. You need to install deb package using your system package management tools, such as synaptic, Ubuntu software, apt, dpkg, etc. Double-click from the user interface or dpkg -i ganttproject_2.8.11-r2396-1_all.deb should work.

This was smoke-tested with the following configurations:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 with openjdk-8-jre, openjdk-11-jre, java-11-amazon-corretto-jdk, bellsoft-java11-runtime packages.

ZIP distro

File: MD5 sum: 8d7ceb2dd751034af97f5c62bec8a67e

Provided that java command is in PATH environment variable, it is enough to unpack the archive and run launcher script from ganttproject-2.8.11-r2396 folder. Read more detailed instructions on the Wiki pages.

This was smoke-tested on

  • Ubuntu 18.04 with bellsoft-java11-runtime package
  • macOS Catalina 10.15.4 with Liberica Java Runtime versions 8, 11, 14 and Zulu Java Runtime version 7
  • Windows 10 with AdoptOpenJDK Java Runtime version 14

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