github balena-io/balena-cli v16.2.0

latest releases: v16.5.1, v16.5.0, v16.4.0...
pre-release17 days ago

0c62b9e (Deduplicate npm-shrinkwra.json, 2023-05-19)
83a5e73 (secureboot: Retrieve the OS release & contract in one request, 2023-05-19)
f0c8c37 (os configure, config generate: Add '--secureBoot' option to opt-in secure boot, 2023-05-12)
ba26d32 (package.json: Update balena-sdk to 16.44.2, 2023-05-19)
d535429 (flowzone: update custom runs to use macos-12, 2023-05-15)

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