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Version 3.301.10

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25 days ago
  • Aws\EKS - Add multiple customer error code to handle customer caused failure when managing EKS node groups
  • Aws\ComputeOptimizer - This release enables AWS Compute Optimizer to analyze and generate recommendations with a new customization preference, Memory Utilization.
  • Aws\NeptuneGraph - Update ImportTaskCancelled waiter to evaluate task state correctly and minor documentation changes.
  • Aws\QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight: Adds support for setting up VPC Endpoint restrictions for accessing QuickSight Website.
  • Aws\OAM - This release adds support for sharing AWS::InternetMonitor::Monitor resources.
  • Aws\EC2 - Amazon EC2 C7gd, M7gd and R7gd metal instances with up to 3.8 TB of local NVMe-based SSD block-level storage have up to 45% improved real-time NVMe storage performance than comparable Graviton2-based instances.
  • Aws\GuardDuty - Add EC2 support for GuardDuty Runtime Monitoring auto management.
  • Aws\CodeCatalyst - This release adds support for understanding pending changes to subscriptions by including two new response parameters for the GetSubscription API for Amazon CodeCatalyst.

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