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  • scripts: adds script to tag a target version-group as latest (#5947) (6dd2f7cb)
New Features
  • clients: update client endpoints as of 2024-03-29 (a0f3117f)
  • client-marketplace-catalog: This release enhances the ListEntities API to support ResaleAuthorizationId filter and sort for OfferEntity in the request and the addition of a ResaleAuthorizationId field in the response of OfferSummary. (f522fa79)
  • client-sagemaker: This release adds support for custom images for the CodeEditor App on SageMaker Studio (543b7e96)
  • client-codeconnections: Duplicating the CodeStar Connections service into the new, rebranded AWS CodeConnections service. (7077ef32)
  • client-internetmonitor: This release adds support to allow customers to track cross account monitors through ListMonitor, GetMonitor, ListHealthEvents, GetHealthEvent, StartQuery APIs. (b7e7b1b2)
  • client-iot-wireless: Add support for retrieving key historical and live metrics for LoRaWAN devices and gateways (caa345f0)
  • client-b2bi: Supporting new EDI X12 transaction sets for X12 versions 4010, 4030, and 5010. (fbb70e17)
  • client-codebuild: Add new fleet status code for Reserved Capacity. (431bd4b3)
  • client-neptune-graph: Add the new API Start-Import-Task for Amazon Neptune Analytics. (33c9dafa)

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