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25 days ago


Documentation Changes
  • client-secrets-manager: Documentation updates for Secrets Manager (7238c534)
New Features
  • clients: update client endpoints as of 2024-03-27 (b90633ba)
  • client-batch: This feature allows AWS Batch to support configuration of imagePullSecrets and allowPrivilegeEscalation for jobs running on EKS (3fe11354)
  • client-bedrock-agent: This changes introduces metadata documents statistics and also updates the documentation for bedrock agent. (f6cf1003)
  • client-elasticache: Added minimum capacity to Amazon ElastiCache Serverless. This feature allows customer to ensure minimum capacity even without current load (86e40c9d)
  • client-bedrock-agent-runtime: This release introduces filtering support on Retrieve and RetrieveAndGenerate APIs. (9996a397)

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