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AWS SDK for Java v2 2.25.18

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2.25.18 2024-03-26

AWS Cost Explorer Service

  • Features

    • Adds support for backfill of cost allocation tags, with new StartCostAllocationTagBackfill and ListCostAllocationTagBackfillHistory API.


  • Features

    • allow user to configure subscriber timeout for input stream

AWS SDK for Java v2

  • Features

    • Updated endpoint and partition metadata.

Agents for Amazon Bedrock Runtime

  • Features

    • This release adds support to customize prompts sent through the RetrieveAndGenerate API in Agents for Amazon Bedrock.

Amazon EC2 Container Service

  • Features

    • This is a documentation update for Amazon ECS.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

  • Features

    • Documentation updates for Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

FinSpace User Environment Management service

  • Features

    • Add new operation delete-kx-cluster-node and add status parameter to list-kx-cluster-node operation.


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