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Release v1.51.7

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28 days ago

Release v1.51.7 (2024-03-25)

Service Client Updates

  • service/codebuild: Updates service API and documentation
    • Supporting GitLab and GitLab Self Managed as source types in AWS CodeBuild.
  • service/ec2: Updates service API and documentation
    • Added support for ModifyInstanceMetadataDefaults and GetInstanceMetadataDefaults to set Instance Metadata Service account defaults
  • service/ecs: Updates service documentation
    • Documentation only update for Amazon ECS.
  • service/emr-containers: Updates service API
  • service/globalaccelerator: Updates service API and documentation
  • service/medialive: Updates service API and documentation
    • Exposing TileMedia H265 options
  • service/sagemaker: Updates service API
    • Introduced support for the following new instance types on SageMaker Studio for JupyterLab and CodeEditor applications: m6i, m6id, m7i, c6i, c6id, c7i, r6i, r6id, r7i, and p5

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