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Release 1.9.0 - Support for Cached and Parallel Builds

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2 years ago

SAM CLI now supports cached and parallel builds for function and layers.

sam build --cached will build functions with caching enabled. If function or layer source haven't change since the last cached build, it will just use what has been cached before. Default caching directory will be under .aws-sam/cache but this can be overriden by providing --cache-dir parameter as well. For now, custom builds with Makefile is not supported with cached builds.

sam build --parallel will build functions in parallel. Normally, SAM CLI builds each function sequentially, it starts building each function and waits for completion of that build. With --parallel option, it will trigger multiple builds at the same time, and will complete build once all of the parallel builds are done.

71be4f8 - fix: Layer Deployment Permission Issue (#2356)
754a0f0 - chore: bump version to 1.9.0 (#2358)
b142160 - feat: Cached and Parallel build implementation (#2351) (#2357)
d279320 - fix: Fix canary failures and update help text for build command (#2365)

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