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Release 1.76.0 - Security Patch for werkzeug, SAM-T version bump and Bug Fixes

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24 days ago

What's Changed

  • Revert "fix: Pin docker provider version to 2.x (#4588)" by @moelasmar in #4779
  • fix: Remove the logic that stores datetime information into packaged ZIP by @qingchm in #4781
  • fix: change the ServerlessTf module version to use the latest by @moelasmar in #4785
  • chore(deps): bump werkzeug from 2.0.3 to 2.2.3 in /requirements by @dependabot in #4717
  • fix: Support is SAM template check if transform is in list format by @GavinZZ in #4787
  • Update appveyor canary definitions to upload test reports to S3 on fi… by @hawflau in #4774
  • fix: catch all boto errors and exit gracefully by @sriram-mv in #4789
  • chore: fix deploy test issue caused by uninstantiated s3_bucket_name variable by @mndeveci in #4777
  • chore: bump SamTranslator version by @aws-sam-cli-bot in #4782
  • feat: update SAM CLI with latest App Templates commit hash by @github-actions in #4793
  • chore: bump version to 1.76.0 by @hnnasit in #4797
  • fix: set lint on validate to be default by @sriram-mv in #4799
  • fix: Fix init schema integration tests by @hnnasit in #4803



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