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Release 1.75.0 - SAM-T version bump and bug fixes

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25 days ago

What's Changed

  • chore: use cfn client with default region setting in managed deploy stack tests by @mndeveci in #4734
  • fix: Mocked out samconfig creation in init tests by @lucashuy in #4744
  • visual: guided deploy flow fixes. by @sriram-mv in #4761
  • feat: update sync flow boto client generation to configure retries by @mndeveci in #4747
  • chore(deps): bump actions/labeler from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #4755
  • chore(deps): bump aws-actions/stale-issue-cleanup from 3 to 6 by @dependabot in #4753
  • chore(deps): bump actions/github-script from 3 to 6 by @dependabot in #4754
  • Override the YAML constructor for timestamps to output as strings and not datetime objects by @brysontyrrell in #4746
  • feat: update local hash of the each sync flow by @mndeveci in #4760
  • feat: Add template comparison logic as infra sync utility by @qingchm in #4739
  • feat: update SAM CLI with latest App Templates commit hash by @github-actions in #4766
  • chore: bump version to 1.75.0 by @hnnasit in #4772
  • chore: bump SamTranslator version by @aws-sam-cli-bot in #4773



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