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Release 1.7.0 - Support running HttpApi locally

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2 years ago

cd4c061 - Log timestamps when --debug flag is presented (#2266)
48349d4 - fix: bump junit (#2296)
42fa0ad - Upgrade pylint (#2304)
5ff9781 - fix: use name instead of functionname when creating build graph (#2297)
e936994 - fix: for de-dup builds, build into one of the function folder instead of temporary folder (#2309)
d725db5 - chore: Manage black version in dev.txt (#2314)
346ff29 - chore: Update (typo) (#2319)
695d8a3 - Create Event for AppSync (Direct Lambda Resolver) (#2200)
ea88b90 - Support running HttpApi locally (#1942)
1bda78b - apply PayloadFormationVersion in httpapi event (#2326)
b7634fd - Add integration test case to test Http Api && Rest Api in the same template (#2327)
eb2e197 - fix: fail on invalid config (#2316)
7d5101a - Fix: Missing Unix Permission Bits for Artifact ZIP Created in Windows (#2193)
d390a57 - Fix: relpath Fails with Different Drives (#2138)
ac71571 - Fix: Make API Gateway infer Lambda function response for HttpApi with PayloadFormatVersion 2.0 (#2334)
eb411a6 - chore: bump sam cli version to 1.7.0, and sam translator requirement to 1.28.1 (#2336)

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