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Release 1.67.0 - sam init AppInsights Support & Various Bugfixes and Improvements

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3 months ago


  • fix: implicit api warnings by @mndeveci in #4452
  • Added Next Command Suggestions by @Harleenijjar in #4441
  • Add error messages to conflict options by @xazhao in #4350
  • Add type-stubs and remove redundant ignores by @Avasam in #4297
  • chore: Terraform prepare hook refactor by @lucashuy in #4454
  • chore(deps): bump cryptography from 38.0.1 to 38.0.3 in /requirements by @dependabot in #4464
  • chore(deps): bump Newtonsoft.Json from 13.0.1 to 13.0.2 in /samcli/lib/init/templates/cookiecutter-aws-sam-hello-dotnet/{{cookiecutter.project_name}}/src/HelloWorld by @dependabot in #4466
  • chore: Allow closed issue message Action to write on Issues by @jfuss in #4465
  • feat: run make pr on ubuntu-latest by @hoffa in #4456
  • chore: Add retry for sam sync race condition tests by @qingchm in #4459
  • chore: Update Closed Stale Issues Github Action by @jfuss in #4469
  • chore: Move Close Stale issues to manual workflow for testing by @jfuss in #4471
  • fix: change permissions on package universally by @sriram-mv in #4462
  • chore(deps): bump certifi from 2020.12.5 to 2022.12.7 in /requirements by @dependabot in #4468
  • chore: Update third party license information on certifi version update by @qingchm in #4477
  • Adding cfn-lint as optional parameter for SAM validate command by @cdavidxu-hub in #4444
  • fix: Fix validate command integration tests console output missmatch and update pyyaml version requirement by @qingchm in #4479
  • fix: use resource type instead of resource id for deciding zip method by @mndeveci in #4485
  • fix: pyinstaller binaries by @sriram-mv in #4486
  • feat: app insights monitoring integration for sam init by @vsukameti in #4369
  • Update lint help and output message by @cdavidxu-hub in #4489
  • fix: Update expected message read for ADL sync code watch integration test by @qingchm in #4488
  • fix: hooks data imports for pyinstaller by @sriram-mv in #4491
  • chore: remove redundant debug parameter for sync integration tests by @mndeveci in #4493
  • revert: remove cfn-lint integration by @mndeveci in #4494
  • chore: bump version to 1.67.0 by @mndeveci in #4497

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