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Release 1.6.0 - Add support for local testing of AWS Lambda extensions

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2 years ago

This release of AWS SAM CLI includes initial support for locally testing AWS Lambda Extensions – which are now available in preview. Extensions are a new way for tools to integrate deeply into the Lambda execution environment to control and participate in Lambda’s lifecycle. To learn more about extensions and updates to the AWS Lambda execution environment, see <Introducing AWS Lambda Extensions – In Preview>(+link to blog post).

You can now use SAM CLI to locally invoke functions which use extensions. To get started, opt-in to the new execution environment using an opt-in flag – set the ENABLE_LAMBDA_EXTENSIONS_PREVIEW environment variable to “1” before you run your local tests. For example:


Without this opt-in flag, local testing will continue to use the previous execution environment.

Give this new execution environment a try and let us know what you think through a GitHub issue or feature request. We would love your feedback on how we can improve your local development and testing workflows with SAM CLI.

This release also introduces de-duplication build improvement which will build the functions once if they share same CodeURI/Runtime/Metadata. Custom builds (which uses Makefile) are not supported.

57ef284 - Add Local Testing Support for Lambda Extensions (#2281)
7c494e1 - chore: bump version to 1.6.0 (#2282)
2f6061f - feat: de-duplicated builds (#2232)

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