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SAM Accelerate GA

SAM Accelerate synchronizes infrastructure and code changes on a developer's local workspace with a cloud environment in near real time: code changes are updated in seconds in AWS Lambda; API definition changes in Amazon API Gateway; state machine updates to AWS Step Functions; and infrastructure changes are deployed via infrastructure-as-code tooling such as CloudFormation. AWS SAM Accelerate also supports synchronizing resources defined in CloudFormation Nested Stacks. To get started, you can install the SAM CLI by following the instructions in the documentation.

With the this version of SAM CLI, SAM Accelerate features (sam sync, sam traces commands and new features to sam logs command) are now generally available. Users don’t need to provide --beta-features flag or use environment variable to enable these features.

SAM Accelerate Nested Stack Support

SAM Accelerate now supports nested stack. In order to use any of the SAM Accelerate commands, users can go to the root stack definition and start sam sync or use sam logs commands.

sam sync --stack-name {my-root-stack} --watch to start development session.

sam logs --stack-name {my-root-stack} --name {my-child-stack-logical-id}/{resource-logical-id} to get logs from a resource (resource-logical-id) in a child stack (my-child-stack).

Other Bug-fixes & Improvements

  • --s3-bucket and --s3-prefix options are added to sam delete command so that users can define their custom S3 bucket and prefix while deleting their stacks.
  • When running sam sync with a Ruby runtime, users might experience some issues when they changed their dependencies. This issue is now fixed by cleaning up build folder before starting a sync operation.
  • When running sam logs with --tail and --include-traces flag, users need to press CTRL+C twice in order to stop long running process which is fixed in this version.
  • When running sam sync with a function which has no dependencies in its manifest file, sync operation will fail while trying to sync ADL (Auto-dependency layer) which is fixed in this version.
  • Added --s3-bucket option for sam sync command so that users can start using it with their own S3 bucket rather than letting AWS SAM CLI to create a managed bucket.
  • Users who have a function and a dependant layer definition in one of the java runtimes might face a build issue while running sam build --parallel and sam sync commands. This issue is now addressed with this version.



Change History

  • Fix issue in cloning app templates repo in windows by @hawflau in #3950
  • feat: Add in support for nested stack's code sync with Api's and StepFunctions by @qingchm in #3948
  • test: Add ADL tests for nested and non-nested stacks by @mildaniel in #3951
  • chore: nested stack integration tests for sam logs by @mndeveci in #3930
  • fix: revert not creating ADL for empty dependencies by @mndeveci in #3952
  • chore: sam sync & sam logs ux changes by @mndeveci in #3953
  • Require Flask 1.1.4 by @dmarinuswoodwing in #3925
  • feat: update SAM CLI with latest App Templates commit hash by @github-actions in #3959
  • feat: Adding --s3-bucket and --s3-prefix to sam delete by @lucashuy in #3969
  • bump cookiecutter version to address CVE by @hawflau in #3956
  • chore: fix canary issues by @mndeveci in #3978
  • Clarify debug log message in build_context command by @Rabadash8820 in #3968
  • fix: clean build folder before starting sync operation by @mndeveci in #3982
  • refactor: Changed default sync confirmation to Y and updated sync infra sync message to be green by @lucashuy in #3986
  • bug: Use cache build instead of incremental when building in container by @mingkun2020 in #3988
  • bug: make sure all pullers in child combine puller also get stopped by @mingkun2020 in #3990
  • feat: Add --resource option input validation for sync --code by @qingchm in #3992
  • chore: replace InvokeContextException with granular ones by @mndeveci in #3966
  • chore(deps): bump Newtonsoft.Json from 12.0.1 to 13.0.1 in /samcli/lib/init/templates/cookiecutter-aws-sam-hello-dotnet/{{cookiecutter.project_name}}/src/HelloWorld by @dependabot in #3996
  • fix: add sync state and context to check previous run details by @mndeveci in #3989
  • chore: Update lambda builder version to 1.18.0 by @qingchm in #3999
  • feat: Adding --s3-bucket to sam sync by @lucashuy in #3977
  • chore: fix java integration tests to use java8 runtime by @mndeveci in #4002
  • fix: add try/except for parse_time which is used by logs and traces commands by @mndeveci in #4006
  • fix: issues with parallel build when using compiled languages by @mndeveci in #4008
  • feat: update SAM CLI with latest App Templates commit hash by @github-actions in #4007
  • chore: bump version to 1.53.0 by @mndeveci in #4014
  • chore: skip TestSyncAdlWithWatchStartWithNoDependencies on windows by @mndeveci in #4013
  • feat: remove accelerate beta experimental flag (#3973) by @mingkun2020 in #3981

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