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Release 1.51.0 - Java Build Changes, --exclude & --no-cached options for sam build, Nested Stack Support for sam logs

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10 months ago

Recent changes that we introduced about how to build Java functions are now default option, you can read more about it in this announcement issue: #3639

sam build now supports --no-cached flag as well as --exclude option. With --no-cached flag, users can turn cached builds off specifically even it is enabled in the samconfig.toml file. With --exclude option, users are able to skip building some of the functions in their application.

sam logs now supports Nested Stacks. Users can pull logging events for the resources which is defined in a nested application. Running sam logs --stack-name {stack-name} will pull the logging events from all supported resources which will now include the ones from a nested stack. Or they can use sam logs --stack-name {stack-name} --name {NestedStack/SfnResourceLogicalID} to pull loging events from a resource which is defined in a nested stack.

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