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Release 1.47.0 - Lambda Builders update & waiting for docker socket connection

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11 months ago



What's Changed

  • fix: Add support for extracting cors options from apigw method resource by @mildaniel in #3574
  • bind samcli version to certain commit of app template by @mingkun2020 in #3815
  • fix: use original function and layer build definition after updating manifest and codeuri hashes by @mndeveci in #3653
  • chore: sam logs integration tests by @mndeveci in #3607
  • chore: Bump pylint version by @hawflau in #3825
  • fix: accept CDK resource path that does not end with /Resource by @moelasmar in #3835
  • Adding sam validate to cli output by @praneetap in #3833
  • chore: add gh action to update app templates hash by @mndeveci in #3838
  • chore: Bump lambda builders version by @mildaniel in #3840
  • fix: wait for socket connection before invoking/executing function in local invoke, start-api, etc. by @torresxb1 in #3831
  • Fix tests to not depend on changeable value by @hawflau in #3842
  • feat: update SAM CLI with latest App Templates commit hash by @github-actions in #3841
  • chore: bump version to 1.47.0 by @torresxb1 in #3844

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