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Release 1.30.0 - Auto ECR Creation

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19 months ago


e35bfe1 - fix: Add all files under samcli module (#3177)
3f8bbf7 - feat(Auto ECR): Added Option to Auto Create ECR Repos During Deployment (#2815)
c04386c - Import registered command to pyinstaller hook (#3156)
7203b25 - Translate Makefile to PS script to run on Windows (#3179)
a282166 - refactor(Delete): Refactor SAM Delete to Use Auto ECR (#3195)
572f13e - Fixed Stack Name (#3198)
4481125 - fix: sam validate with local image (#2892)
ac950eb - feat: Remove old images when building new one (#3092)
4d52459 - fix(install): fix code formatting (#3190)
f25230f - chore: Update docstring of SamLocalStackProvider (#3074)
4a2a880 - Changing default value of question.kind from 'default' to 'question'. (#3203)
000d444 - feat: Always auto flush local invoke logs instead of only when a debug port is passed (#2916)
307ded6 - feat: SAM Init interactive flow redesign (#2958)
17ef26d - fix: Dependency and runtime mismatch at init now displays the correct error message (#3211)
f6d1f8c - fix: Validate payload format version is a string (#3206)
4fa89fe - chore: Revert Init Redesign (#3225)
5cfc8d5 - Update Version to 1.30.0 (#3223)
3fbf781 - feat: Add New IaC Interfaces to Develop Branch (#3217)
71f3a84 - fix: SAM Delete CFN Rate Limit (#3232)



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