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Release 1.3.0 - Support for Multi Config

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2 years ago

0b22b17 - Cleaning empty test file. (#2204)
507a2fd - Fixing bug when validation resource with no type. (#2207)
0d05201 - fix: Force strings to be outputted when string starts with 0 (#2174)
73a8255 - Added a column in print changeset to show if replacement happened (#2198)
91d9231 - feat: Add support for customized message body in generated SQS message (#2209)
2d8a368 - Add "Build All Images" Script (#2211)
449c3d0 - Fix #1392: Catch pywintypes.error when determining if docker is reachable (#2215)
1cfc1a6 - fix: displaying warning if Condition and DeploymentPreferences are using on SAM Function resource. (#2218)
98b5fbb - feat: Added the option to hide progress bars during s3 upload for sim… (#2187)
648eebe - chore: Updated Slack #samdev Invite Link (#2225)
0c77ad0 - Fix: fixed an integration test error with pull #2187 (#2226)
3edb55c - feature: Enable --config-env and --config-file to support multiple configuration environments and files (#2176)
6253d82 - fix: flaky test and ingegration tests (#2236)
e026b69 - Chore: Bumped aws-sam-translator to version 1.27.0 and aws-sam-cli to version 1.3.0 (#2241)

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