github aws/aws-sam-cli v1.28.0
Release 1.28.0 - Support new Lambda runtime Python3.9

latest releases: v1.78.0, v1.78.0.dev202303230901, v1.77.0.dev202303220901...
19 months ago


9223620 - ci: Speed up unit test by caching the git clone (#3060)
d46e49a - Revert "Revert "temp: disable testing against python 3.8, and enabled 3.7"" (#3102)
ffe68b4 - fix: fixing pipeline init integration test. (#3123)
f885180 - chore: upgrade pylint to 2.9.0 (#3119)
88c1f07 - fix: integration test case related to recent fix on ruby (#3124)
35f2dab - fix: add dockerhub default login server, improve logs to check docker pull limitation (#3137)
234655e - fix: add sample payload for 'sam local generate-event stepfunctions error' (#3043)
0be8aa3 - chore: removed unused code which was using pre-defined managed policy… (#3030)
af08766 - feat(public-ecr): Download Emulation images (#3152)
7f5de6b - fix(integ): Use images that are in public ecr (#3162)
a77d9e0 - Add ECR credentials for windows test (#3160)
16b8b4f - fix(integ): Fix Invalid image tag errors (#3163)
ce16584 - Install aws cli in the windows test jobs (#3164)
8f4571d - fix(integ): Add missing image to have deploy integ tests work (#3165)
0b05214 - chore: Update dateparser to 1.0, update TestBuildCommand_PythonFunctions_Images test requirement (#3172)
96291f6 - Python39 support for samcli (#3173)
6e6aed6 - chore: bump SAM CLI version to 1.28.0 (#3174)



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