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Release 1.25.0 - Compatibility for cached build with container environment variables

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21 months ago


8d3e6b9 - chore: Update requests to 2.25.1 to remove the locking on urllib3 to 1.25 (#2929)
c8a1049 - Updating tomlkit version as we need fix of the dataloss bug during copy() method use on Table object (#2939)
7c14c83 - test: Fix the integration validate tests on Windows (#2940)
b8e7e7c - ci: Pin boto3-stubs to 1.17.90 due to a bug in 1.17.91 (#2942)
3edcf8d - resolve pseudo region in build amd deploy comands (#2884)
72f7bfe - fix: Catch more errors when building an image (#2857)
0284697 - chore: fix canary/integration test issue (#2945)
2592135 - feat: Allow tags as list input from samconfig.toml file (#2956)
3c54e78 - fix: Deploy integration tests for toml tags as a list (#2965)
d506648 - chore: Increase awareness of same file warning during package (#2946)
698de67 - fix: Allow the base64Encoded field in REST Api, skip validation of unknown fields and validate missing statusCode for Http Api (#2941)
3b2cdf1 - fix: pass copy of environment variables for keeping cache valid (#2943)
6fc1b99 - fix: Skip build of Docker image if ImageUri is a valid ECR URL (#2934) (#2935)
0d58f89 - Add condition to managed bucket policy (#2999)
50ac3cb - Update appveyor.yml to do docker login on both dockerhub and Public ECR (#3005) (#3006)
f1e0569 - chore: bump version to 1.25.0 (#3007)
2241563 - temp: reduce python testing matrix (#3008)
fe83218 - temp: disable testing against python 3.8, and enabled 3.7 (#3009)
cc806a2 - fix: enable all runtimes in python testing matrix (#3011)



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