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Release 1.24.0 - Update SAM Translator version to 1.36.0

latest releases: v1.78.0.dev202303240901, v1.78.0, v1.78.0.dev202303230901...
22 months ago
This release is impacted by Issue #2927. Please follow workaround (mentioned in issue) to install previous version.
We are working on the fix.


1e51f62 - refactor: Extract git-clone functionality out of InitTemplates class (#2821)
962ba9d - chore: add command line options to pyinstaller build script (#2829)
5cc7680 - ignoring temp dirs used by dotnet (#2839)
6863696 - chore: Add GitHub actions to automate our issues workflow (#2521)
283e546 - Point numpy version to <1.20.3 (#2868)
9e03633 - chore: Overhaul the development guide (#2827)
f82da03 - Validate default template.json (#2855)
ade6e71 - fix: package/deploy failure when Location/TemplateURL is virtual host S3 URL (#2785)
81635be - feat: Supports uncompression local layer zips in sam local (#2877)
e1afb46 - refactor: refactor logs command library (#2862)
cd731b6 - sam init - Enable --app-template argument for Image package-type (#2864)
0dfee7a - fix: Ignore .aws-sam in sam build cache checksum (#2881)
4e1a979 - fix: Fix crash when nested CFN stack has dict TemplateURL (unresolved intrinsics) (#2879)
00de652 - Interactive flow question default answer from toml (#2850)
199ded1 - Don't use in LayerBuildDefinition.str (#2873)
cc861a6 - Watchdog error (#2902)
f9460f4 - chore: Update aws_lambda_builders to 1.4.0 (#2903)
321caf5 - chore: Adds missing unit tests for LayerBuildDefinition in build_graph (#2883)
33d6c3b - fix: Build graph tests using assertTrue instead of assertEqual + added assertions (#2909)
2a13a69 - samconfig debug level logging fixed; documentation updated (#2891)
1e91773 - chore: update to aws-sam-translator 1.36.0 (#2917)
5fecac5 - Revert "samconfig debug level logging fixed; documentation updated (#2891)" (#2918)
e5fc352 - chore: bump version to 1.24.0 (#2919)



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