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Release 1.22.0 - Build image option for build command to customize image URI

latest releases: v1.78.0, v1.78.0.dev202303230901, v1.77.0.dev202303220901...
23 months ago


01207ed - fix: --s3-bucket or --image-repository requirement (#2648)
a2cc0c2 - fix: Added Template User Input to Unit Test for Python Image Init Templates
f084cf2 - cookiecutter template workflow (#2709)
55064d3 - Updated reproducible-linux.txt (#2751)
eeb462e - fix: Avoid creating unnecessary DebugSettings objects when --debug (#2750)
db82a0c - Extract the logic of managing SAM cloudformation stack from the the S… (#2740)
ad83b84 - chore: update reproducible-linux.txt (#2757)
e653fe2 - feat: add option --container-host to commands local start-api, local start-lambda and local invoke (#2700)
63fcba5 - fix: sam build fails when layer logicalID shared across stacks (#2760)
a8be3ae - Native Installer script/configs for nightly builds (#2735)
f5ba707 - replace --config-prefix by --config-env (#2736)
9b9ff31 - Add support for CloudFormation ModuleVersion and ResourceVersion uploads (#2667)
b30072e - feat: Add CICD platform to metrics (#2766)
aa80614 - fix: Added CR LF to LF Conversion for gradlew (#2738)
f8b9ab3 - edit: print outdated version message to stderr (#2654)
4bf00f3 - Fix schema loading when no default profile (#2441)
9838d05 - Fixed init README template typo 'modified' (#2775)
fd25093 - fix: Skip functions/layers pointing to S3 location in providers (#2756)
4543732 - fix: Skip building functions/layers if codeuri is a zip file (#2737)
54644dd - feat(Public ECR): Build Images (#2793)
8c1cbfc - Revert "feat: add option --container-host to commands local start-api, local start-lambda and local invoke (#2700)" (#2794)
f7c12ef - Version bump to 1.22.0 (#2795)



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