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Release 1.16.0 - Support DLQ and Custom Retry Policy for EventBridge Rule Event Source and Custom Checkpoint

latest releases: v1.76.0.dev202303200901, v1.76.0.dev202303170901, v1.76.0.dev202303160901...
2 years ago

72c076a - fix: add AWS_EXECUTION_ENV to debug env variables for json runtimes (#2460)
cee8bb6 - don't pass the --capabilities argument to cloudformation create_changeset if it is none. (#2415)
919e3e3 - fix: accepting large input requests (#2506)
a4344d0 - docs: fix simple typo, utlity -> utility (#2500)
ff2b114 - fix: added -h option alias to --help for sam subcommands. (#2107)
3306e3e - Fix #2363. Update that is generated with sam init with relevant list of IDEs (#2364)
5e794f0 - Loose the boto3 version requirement (#2493)
cb7d149 - Update axios Version (#2515)
f77d326 - ci: Bring mypy typechecking back (#2503)
4557abb - docs: add type hinting to PR checklist (#2394)
e752a03 - chore: Format files mistakenly excluded by Black (#2517)
c3578c7 - chore: Make pylintrc ignore fewer rules and pylintrc more readable (#2522)
8d2f074 - feat(runtime telemetry): Added Runtime Telemetry for Local Commands (#2472)
a8525fc - chore: bump aws-lambda-builders version to 1.2.0 (#2530)
0e4e99b - feat: Add support for list of capabilities in samconfig.toml (#2490)
91d6b12 - fix: Image functions in nested stacks cannot be packaged (#2532)
d479678 - chore: Make methods that do not need to be instance methods static (#2525)
2101882 - (Fix) observe the docker images for lambda functions with Image package type (#2528)
f27ab27 - fix: No Default Compress Type for Windows (#2539)
1f83638 - ci: Fix an integration test failure caused by resource already exists (#2542)
0991797 - feat: Support SHUTDOWN Events for Extensions (#2524)
14276cd - fix: honour the AllowCredentials CORS option in SAM templates (#2536)
7ee7c27 - ci: Update integration tests to use pre created signing profile (#2540)
fcefe86 - feat: Add .NET 5 image template configuration (#2463)
2be090f - ci: Fix mypy version in dev.txt (#2552)
6425417 - feat: Use default region in sam deploy --guided (#2240)
599b4bd - fix: hide NoEcho parameters in sam deploy console output (#2212)
8b7d51a - ci: Verify template content in an integ test packaging nested image function (#2543)
07ae2a9 - Fix python command for installing pip and requirements in Makefile-container (#2562)
9f85ae6 - Fix: Adjusted build command behaviour treating Serverless and Lambda functions using InlineCode (#2549)
8b41424 - increase the watching waiting time, to fix the integration test cases (#2568)
87576ec - ci(package): NamedTemporaryFile Being Opened Twice (#2567)
d16c38c - ci: Remove type stubs import from dev.txt (#2570)
eefcd07 - chore: Raise InvalidLocationError when init's --location is not valid (#2569)
1eaf48a - chore: bump version to 1.16.0 (#2571)

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