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Release 1.14.0 - Warm Containers Support

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2 years ago

afc3dbd - feat: Support HttpApi URIs generated by the CDK (#2438)
3ee79db - fix(deploy): guided deploy (#2439)
d5a5e8b - fix: use a lock when pulling different images in parallel (#2470)
08193e7 - fix: create signer client with region definition (#2455)
c1b05ce - ci: Add integration tests for local invoke related to AWS credentials (#2449)
bbaefff - feat: warm containers (#2383)
e0a3161 - chore: update the warm-containers & debug-function options help wording (#2481)
07fcd61 - feat: new option for package/deploy --image-repositories (#2465)
9c499e3 - fix: use container for the builds since some of the runtimes are not present in the Canary environment (#2480)
79ad9fb - fix: image-repositories bugfix & canary fixes (#2486)
c5b2b51 - fix: canary tests, update deploy tests & kill process for local start-api tests (#2487)
d60f067 - fix: replace signaling with kill process (#2488)

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