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Release 1.12.0 - Support Lambda Code Signer

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2 years ago

SAM CLI now supports Code Signing feature for your Lambda functions and layers. For more information please visit Configuring code signing for AWS SAM applications

890decf - ci: Revert "Enable basic mypy typechecking #2385", bring back in the future (#2396)
ecefc76 - ci: Disable local invoke in integration test on AppVeyor except for Canary (#2401)
ff150ed - chore: Revert 'Make pylintrc ignore rule more readable' #2375 (#2400)
5619b76 - feat: Lambda Code Signer Support (#2407)
ec18f22 - fix: remove code signer integration tests until feature gating is removed (#2408)
9a13e71 - ci: Login docker hub on AppVeyor canary when docker cred is available (#2398)

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