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Release 1.11.0 - Bug fixes including newer X-ray Policy

latest releases: v1.78.0.dev202303280901, v1.78.0.dev202303270901, v1.78.0.dev202303240901...
2 years ago

68d9b52 - docs: improve PR template (#2373)
79d1770 - chore: Enable some pylint rules and add clarity to pylintrc file (#2375)
b820e9d - chore: Remove python patch version in AppVeyor to be more robust (#2386)
4699de0 - chore: Suppress SyntaxWarning caused by chevron on Windows (#2387)
a7b5389 - ci: Enable basic mypy typechecking (#2385)
1245114 - chore: Bump sam translator version, boto3 version bump to 1.15 (#2389)
9c4f84f - ci: Skip integration tests requiring docker on CI except for canary (#2395)
6096e9b - chore: bump version to 1.11.0 (#2393)

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