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2 years ago

SAM CLI v.1.0.0 is a stable version recommended for building production serverless applications.

The stable version follows the below semantic version patterns:

  • MAJOR version for incompatible changes (1.0.0)
  • MINOR version for functionality in a backward compatible manner (1.1.0)
  • PATCH version for backward compatible bug fixes and security updates (1.1.1)

Previously, SAM CLI was available in beta, supported by the docker-lambda emulation images developed by Michael Hart (AWS Serverless Hero). Now, v1.0.0 is supported by AWS provided emulation images. This version also includes new build support for custom AWS Lambda runtimes and AWS Lambda Layers.

Recent Commits

  • 79fe5cb - fix: Updating CFN polling frequency as per aws-cli change. (#2052)
  • 23b7761 - fix: print exception details for LambdaResponseParseException (#2053)
  • b976c55 - fix: Region shows as "None" after stack deploys using manual parameters (#2088)
  • 03bbc83 - fix: integration fails for PR-2088 (#2097)
  • 0f2d7bb - fix: removing temporary files on sam init with custom location fails on Windows due to permissions, changed to delete temporary folder with permission update (#2103)
  • ce5ff5f - feat: Allow HttpApi to packaged and validated (#1996)
  • 6b7860e - Release v1.0.0 (#2111)
  • b9ac233 - chore: Bump aws-lambda-builders and SAM CLI to 1.0.0 (#2116)
  • 08b42d3 - fix: Update Python3.8 debug entrypoint (#2119)

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