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🐿 New! Easier ways to install SAM CLI (Brew on Mac/Linux, and MSI on Windows)

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4 years ago

Brew for Mac and Linux

You can now install SAM CLI using brew, a popular package manager for installing the packages you need. Installation is as simple as:

brew tap aws/tap
brew install aws-sam-cli

Note: On a Mac you use Homebrew, and on Linux you use Linuxbrew (a fork of the Homebrew package manager).

MSI for Windows

You can now download an MSI to install SAM CLI on Windows. Get the MSI you need here:


This release also contains the following bug fixes:

  • chore(version_bump): bump to 0.6.2
  • Fix: Travis times out when running Integ tests (#739)
  • fix: upgrade requests to 2.20.0 (#740)
  • Fix typo
  • chore: Version bump aws-sam-translator to 1.8.0 (#732)
  • Update README.rst
  • docs: add instructions for using local version of SAM Transformer (#688)
  • docs: Update Docker command to docker (#725)
  • fix: Iterate over query param list
  • chore: Enable Travis to run integ tests
  • fix: Support attaching to host network

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