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🐿 Use SAM CLI on Windows 7/8 and now !Ref template parameters locally

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4 years ago

Windows 7 and 8 support

SAM CLI now works with Docker Toolbox, so you can now use SAM CLI to test and debug your Lambda functions locally on Windows 7 and 8.

!Ref template parameters locally

We added support for resolving !Ref of template parameters anywhere within a SAM template. You can now provide values for template parameters using the --parameter-overrides CLI option, and reference those within the template. You can also automatically pick up default values of parameters. For example, SAM CLI assigns defaults for CloudFormation pseudo-parameters like AWS::Region.

This release also contains plenty of bug fixes and documentation updates! 🎉


add pytest-mock for testing (#703)
fix: allow for stdout and stderr streams to be unbufferred directly. (#708)
docs: Add installation instructions for linux (Centos) (#670)
fix: Updated isBase64Encoded value to bool (#699)
fix: correct launch.json for nodejs debugging through VSCode (#704)
docs(usage): Update how to debug Python functions using VS Code (#694)
docs(Cloud9): Reset bash cache on Cloud9 (#693)
docs: Updated virtualenv alias name for 3.7 in guide. (#706)
chore: update aws-sam-translator to 1.7.0 (#682)
feat: travis CI support for Python 3.7 (#679)
docs: Update generate-sample-event-payloads link (#702)
Fix: Raise error for invalid environment variables file (#675)
fix: remove dependency on pystache (#684)
feat(init): .Net Core 2.1 support for init command (#665)
feat(generate-event): Add Kinesis Analytics events (#667)
feat(intrinsics): Support !Ref of template parameters (#657)
fix: conditionally install enum34 based on python version (#671)
fix: Update test format for Nodejs8.10 runtime. (#662)
fix: Removed dual line in init help text (#664)
docs: Update usage.rst to render code inline (#661)
fix(path): change windows style path to unix (#633)
fix(docs): fixed macOS name (#651)
Fix(generate-event): SubCommand help text to be short-text. (#652)
feat(generate-event): Support dns_suffix and partition variables (#650)
docs: Consistent packaged template naming (#647)
docs(installation): Upgrade instructions for AWS Cloud9 (#643)
fix(init): Fix camelCase vs snakeCase issue in NodeJS tests (#640)
docs(usage): Update generate-event command structure (#638)

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