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🐛 Debug your Lambda Functions written in Go, and generate sample payloads for 50+ events

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4 years ago

This release of SAM CLI makes it even easier to test and debug your serverless applications locally. There are two big features in this release:

  1. Go Debugging: You can now use Delve to debug your Go Functions! Get started here: Debugging Go functions. Huge shout out to @austinlparker for this contribution!
  2. Sample event generation: Previously, you could generate sample event payloads from S3, Kinesis Streams, DynamoDB, CloudWatch Scheduled Events, API Gateway, and SNS. Now, you can generate and customize sample payloads from 50+ events (including those from CloudFront, CloudFormation, Step Functions, and Alexa). You can also generate different types of events from each service - so, in addition to S3/Put, you can also generate sample payloads for S3/Delete.

BREAKING CHANGE: Because we support multiple event types from each service, the syntax of the generate-command is now different.

For example:
sam local generate-event s3

Has become
sam local generate-event s3 [put/delete]


feat(debugging): Fixing issues around debugging Golang functions. #565
fix(init): Improve current init samples around docs and fixes #558
refactor(init): renamed handler for camel case, moved callback call up #586
chore: aws-lambda-java-core 1.1.0 -> 1.2.0 for java sam init #578
feat(validate): Add profile and region options #582
fix(start-lambda): Remove Content-Type Header check #594
fix: Fix stringifying λ environment variables when using Python2 #579
feat(generate-event): Added support for 50+ events #612
feat(invoke): Add region parameter to all invoke related commands #608
chore: Update JVM size params to match docker-lambda #615
feat(invoke): Invoke Function Without Parameters through --no-event #604
Many many doc updates!

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