github aws/aws-sam-cli v0.53.0
Support for EFS Integration

latest releases: v1.78.0.dev202303270901, v1.78.0.dev202303240901, v1.78.0...
2 years ago

2a0cdd3 - docs: Removing python 2 info from the development guide (#1993)
a2bec59 - Adding docker info. (#1995)
b5b1ec4 - fix: guided deploy doesn't update default capabilities that is provided via --capabilites option as CLI argument (#2041)
612ee73 - fix(start-api): Don't cache static files in responses (#2038)
4f12dc7 - fix(docs): md table-format for sam-build-cmd design (#1984)
cd5efb0 - Adding SAM 1.25.0 Functional Test (#2048)
4c467b5 - chore: bump version to 0.53.0 (#2049)
c4dbf96 - Removing hack for docker issue as it is fixed by AppVeyor. (#2050)

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