github aws/aws-sam-cli v0.46.0
Bug fixes.

latest releases: v1.78.0, v1.78.0.dev202303230901, v1.77.0.dev202303220901...
3 years ago

07a3368 fix: usage of old method name '_run_command' (#1881)
9d86ab2 fix(start-api): Remove trailing slashes on endpoints (#1495)
550c1b4 feat(invoke): Allow invoking with function name (#1215)
68d4ae6 fix(build): Do not treat urls as local paths (#1879)
5d4fec6 fix: support 4th property in error output for lambdas (#1820)
83e70f4 fix: adding APPVEYOR_CONSOLE_DISABLE_PTY environment variable to fix random appveyor job failure. (#1875)
72280fc fix: Log warning if there is unresolved intrinsics in cors (#1874)
7bc702c fix: changing order of parameterized expand and flaky annotation. (#1873)
337093f fix: rebasing PR on github dashboard missed one method rename. (#1871)
7db771d fix: adding better logging to build_integ_test base's run of Popen command (#1869)

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