github aws/aws-sam-cli v0.45.0
Update aws-sam-translator and bug fixes

latest releases: v1.78.0.dev202303270901, v1.78.0.dev202303240901, v1.78.0...
3 years ago

cc50505 - fix: removing object deletion and using same stack name for integration tests to avoid NoSuchKey errors. (#1850)
36e0f4f - fix: adding separate bucket env var to windows appveyor file. (#1858)
e7d95bd - fix: buildcmd to use same level of logging as deploy integration tests. (#1864)
bb0fa2e - fix(start-api): raise concrete exceptions during parsing of lambda output (#1835)
ac4d48e - chore: Version bump to 0.45.0 (#1868)
e502103 - chore: bump translator version and add tests (#1859)
2bbc26a - fix(deploy): default capabilities on guided mode to be a list (#1867)

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