github aws/aws-sam-cli v0.44.0
Update aws-sam-translator and aws-lambda-builders

latest releases: v1.78.0.dev202303230901, v1.77.0.dev202303220901, v1.77.0...
3 years ago

3ab3b1d - feat: update SAM dependency to v1.21.0 (#1814)
b2c8d99 - fix: config_dir creation permission. Hex permissions were used instead of Oct (#1818)
af079d7 - feat: adding separate bucket based on python version for integration tests. (#1828)
a71427e - fix(start-api): Return empty instead of no data when no response (#1813)
a4726d5 - fix: bug around using temporary credentials in event bridge integration test. (#1829)
37b10ea - refactor: deploy integration tests to use same level of logging. (#1832)
3592272 - fix: bug introduced in deploy integ test refactoring. (#1833)
7cab71b - fix(ci): Go version to 1.13 and update patch python versions (#1837)
7531d2e - chore: Upgrade jmespath to remove SyntaxError logs (#1831)
5763a9d - chore: Upgrade aws-lambda-builders to 0.8.0 (#1849)
855ec43 - chore: bump version to 0.44.0 (#1851)

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