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Package and Deploy Enhancements

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3 years ago

91c22c3 - fix: deploy help text for --template-file option. (#1774)
1c83bb0 - fix: appveyor windows job - python version (#1776)
7ba1b44 - fix(deploy): Allow all Partitions for S3 Policy on managed stack (#1784)
776f332 - fix: Handle the case for Parameters being empty strings (#1785)
fa19f22 - ux: improve deploy outputs text (#1788)
546d06e - fix(test): Fix deprecation warnings due to invalid escape sequences. (#1787)
b422f0a - fix: config env cannot be anything other than default (#1769)
b352127 - fix: display no outputs if outputs are not defined. (#1790)
e1951c0 - feat(deploy): Efficient deploy log fetching (#1768)
1225ed9 - fix(tests): Upgrade deprecated runtime nodejs6.10 to nodejs10.x (#1722)
0c69e73 - Upgrade deprecated runtime nodejs8.10 (#1719)
96c8f11 - test: run by canary (#1793)
3f4cfef - fix(readme): Remove unfortunate dash (#1796)
bfd327f - fix(package): Only package if files have changed (#1789)
1c4bf97 - Allow the characters _:./+-@= to be used in tag keys during deploy (#1798)
526f8da - fix(start-api): Options requests to properly invoke lambda function (#1649)
bdfd97f - chore: Version Bump to 0.42.0 (#1802)
a22b085 - fix: aws-serverless-function template to have python3.7 runtime (#1805)
b791e15 - fix(test): Remove package regression tests (#1807)

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