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Version 0.4.0 with Python3.6 Support

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4 years ago

This release captures another milestone with Python3.6 being fully supported. We have also captured numerous bug/regressions fixes since version 0.3.0. See Changelog below for more details.


Tell Flask we are running the service in main (#491)
Proper setting of permissions for the tempdir on posix systems. (#485)
add version field to schedule event generator (#471)
Prevent form data from being consumed by Flask (#419)
Preserve file permissions when decompressing a zip file (#464)
Python3 support (#446)
Options requests not invoking Local Lambda (#468)
Update Flask version to 1.0.2 (#459)
Value of QueryString in the API Event should be a string (#405)
download a swagger file form a given S3 location (#444)
Do not add DefinitionUri when Definitionbody Property is given (#447)
sam init Dotnet templates to use Cake for builds (#401)
Allow for case insensitive header names (#398)

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