github aws/aws-sam-cli v0.39.0
Upgrade to Latest AWS SAM Translator

latest releases: v1.78.0, v1.78.0.dev202303230901, v1.77.0.dev202303220901...
3 years ago

This release includes support for the latest version of aws-sam-translator (1.19.1), and several bug fixes/UX improvements.

  • e3c2a43 - fix(integ): Use Correct Runtime "Positions" For Integ Tests (#1670)
  • 2744c3c - chore(tests): Removes API Event from Inline Integ Test (#1671)
  • a0d683f - chore(test): Remove functional tests that are not run (#1677)
  • 389830e - chore: Remove tox (#1683)
  • 382a814 - refactor: init, generate_event and providers code move (#1685)
  • 23d2449 - Change How App Templates Are Updated for sam init (#1678)
  • af124bc - feat: Update handling of UserExceptions that are raised (#1686)
  • f802afe - chore: update functional test templates for sam v1.19.1 (#1688)

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