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sam init supports EventBridge Schemas

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3 years ago

This release introduces support for Amazon EventBridge schema registry. sam init now includes additional options to create an EventBridge app from scratch, with a specific event schema as a trigger. This will automatically generate strongly-typed class files for the event in your serverless application, including the AWSEvent payload, a marshaller, and an EventBridge rule in your SAM template. You can easily try out the feature by using one of the existing service schemas available in the schema registry.


  • 2090431 - Revert "release: 0.20.0"
  • e218d29 - chore: Update version to 0.20.1
  • 18908c1 - Revert "Revert "release: 0.20.0"" (#1377)
  • 1ff9914 - chore: Integ tests for fail-on-empty-changeset flag (#1608)
  • 3888c15 - Param overrides unit tests (#1609)
  • 545cd95 - fix: do not exit after throttling retries have been exhausted (#1611)
  • fb03b34 - fixing typos on sam deploy documentation (#1612)
  • 88fc444 - feat(init): enabled extra_context with custom cookiecutter templates (#1547)
  • be8ac65 - Fix for stackTrace not returned in new Lambda containers. (#1620)
  • c75944e - Revert "Fix for stackTrace not returned in new Lambda containers. (#1620)" (#1621)
  • 7f39f8c - chore: Version bump to v0.35.0 (#1622)
  • c1ddbb3 - feat(init): Support for EventBridge Schemas (#1625)
  • 24bdc50 - chore: Version bump aws-sam-translator (#1627)

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