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`sam init` from code samples without cookiecutter

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3 years ago

With this release, you can initialize SAM apps directly from a Git repository using sam init command. This allows you to copy a Github URL and run sam init -l <url> to download it locally. Previously, sam init could initialize only from cookiecutter templates (ie. projects with cookiecutter.json file in the root).


  • 00345ed - feat: Initialize a project from non-cookiecutter github repo or zip file (#1595)
  • 32b048e - chore: version bump to 0.34.0 (#1597)
  • da5cf77 - Fixed typo of "sam deploy" option (#1601)
  • 7d2728a - fix: Ignore .git when init from arbitrary github repo (#1599)
  • d8b84bb - feat: Upgrade SAM Translator to 1.16.0 (#1596)
  • c2cdfab - fix: Add --no-fail-on-empty-changeset back (#1607)
  • 1c7ea72 - fix: pretty error msg when init location is invalid (#1606)

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